[Transfer to her angry, angry], angry, angry, easy to get sick



[Transfer to her angry, angry], angry, angry, easy to get sick

Women are more emotional animals. Many people also say that women just like to think too much. If they think too much, they will easily become sulking. When they are angry, they will often lose their temper. In fact, they are very damaging to the body.Female friends are angry, unhappy, and the impact on the body is unthinkable.

Anger can lead to endocrine disorders and disorders of female friends. Because of the anger, the hormones secreted by the human thyroid gland will increase, and the secretion of the body will become abnormal. Over time, it may even lead to endocrine disorders, and it is easy to causeHyperthyroidism.

The weakened gastrointestinal function of female friends will make the gastrointestinal function of female friends weaken a lot. Because when they are angry, the brain nerves will be very excited and active, resulting in a decrease in blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract, slowing of gastrointestinal motility, and appetite.It’s a lot worse, which is why you don’t want to eat when you are angry, you are bored with anything, and you can’t afford to be interested.

It is recommended that female friends try to control their emotions as much as possible. Don’t be angry when they are not moving. It is not worth it if they are sick.

Injury to the liver, as the saying goes, “angry hurts the liver.” When a woman is angry, a substance called a tea phenolamine is secreted in the body, acting on the central nervous system, causing the toxins of the liver cells to increase, causing excessive liver fire and damage to the liver.

When the brain is hurt, when the woman is angry, the blood will rush to the head, which will increase the pressure on the blood vessels of the brain, so that the brain is not in a state of waking, often causing some excessive behaviors to endanger the safety of life, and if the blood contains toxins,Will accelerate the aging of the brain, so many women will be sleepy after fatigue, fatigue, this is the reason.

If the brain is rushing, if it is severe, it may even have a sudden brain hemorrhage, which will seriously damage the brain!

When angry, long-stained spots are angry, blood rushes to the head, so oxygen in the blood is reduced and toxins are increased.

Toxins can irritate hair follicles, causing inflammation around the hair follicles, which can cause pigmentation problems.

It is recommended to encounter unhappy things, you can do deep inhalation, hands flat, to adjust the body state, the toxins are excreted.

Excessive emotional excitement of menstruation can lead to liver qi stagnation, if not released, it will cause liver qi stagnation, resulting in women’s depression, endocrine disorders, resulting in irregular menstruation.

Press the four “sprinklers” on your body. When we are angry or about to get angry, we may press the four “sprinklers” on the body. This will not only divert our attention, but also give usEliminate the anger in your heart.

Love sulking on the feet of the feet for love sulking, worried, upset people, can massage the feet, can quickly make people feel refreshed, calm.

This is because here is the location of the Taichong Point, one of the important acupuncture points on the human foot and the liver and the liver. It is also called the 鈥渄egassing point鈥? It is located between the big toe and the two toes and 1/2 of the instep.At the office.

Press the upper and lower acupoints with your thumb and your abdomen to make the local complication of the swell of the complication.
5 minutes.

When you are in a hurry, when you are about to get angry, you can lightly clench your fists and use your middle finger to lick your palm.
2 minutes, can penetrate the role of clear heart fire.

Because this is the location of the Laogong acupoint, it belongs to the hand-filled yin heart, and the pericardium plays a protective role on the heart. Massage the Laogong acupoint can lead to calming and calming the mind and calming the brain.

When the work pressure is high, physiological fatigue stress, you can also massage the palm, which can speed up blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

When you feel bloated when you are angry, you can press the outside of the calf to eliminate the turbidity of the stomach and play a “shun” effect.

Because this is the location of Zusanli, it is four fingers wide from the outside of the tibia. When the stomach is bloated, use the thumb or middle finger to stop the Zusanli 5?
10 minutes, 15 minutes per minute?
20 times, to feel sore, fever is appropriate.

If you are trembled and stunned, if you feel angry, you will be trembling. Massage your feet to play the role of soothe the nerves.

Because, here is an important acupuncture point of the human body – Yongquan.

It is the first of the kidneys, located in the sole of the foot, in the first 1/3 of the sole of the foot, the depression when bending the toe.

When you are angry, use your hands and thumbs to rub your feet at the bottom of the spring for about 10 minutes. It will be shocking and smooth, and your temper will naturally be eliminated.

Some foods can always feel chest tightness when you are angry and angry, and the heart is blocked.

At this time, in addition to adjusting the mentality in time, you can also ease your mood through food.

1 bergamot has a variety of medicinal functions such as qi and phlegm, cough and swelling, Shugan Jianpi and stomach.

The bergamot’s flowers, fruit tea, drink, have a qi effect.

Liver qi stagnation can be used with bergamot and other medicines.

2 roses can be ventilated and digestive, detoxification and fluid, and stop coughing, and have a heat-clearing effect on qi stagnation.

You can use the roses to prepare the water, or you can put the flowers in the living room, which is also good for you.

3 orange peel wash the orange peel to dry, this is the traditional Chinese medicine dried tangerine peel, with the role of qi and phlegm, stomach and dehumidification.

You can soak in water with tea, or you can soak in water alone. It tastes fragrant, refreshing and ventilated.

Soak the dried orange peel in the liquor, 2?It can be replaced after 3 weeks, and it can clear the lungs and phlegm.

You can also put a few slices when cooking, and get tired of appetizing.

4 Wash the fresh radish with white radish and cut into small pieces. Add the boiled porridge with the previous rice and add a small amount of salt to taste.

It can stop cough and phlegm, and eliminate phlegm.

Applicable to chest fullness, fullness of food.
5 Hawthorn suffocating pain, food consumption and accumulation, suitable for the chest and abdomen full of pain caused by food, for the tachycardia caused by anger, arrhythmia also has a certain effect.

Raw food, cooked or soaked in water, all kinds of methods are effective.

6 lotus roots spleen and stomach, ventilation, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

Lotus root stewed pork ribs, cold lotus root are good.

7 Papaya papaya nutrition and medicinal value are very high, known as “Baiyiguowang”, can help digestion, spleen and stomach, smooth, lungs, cough, heat and thirst.

Papaya milk, white fungus stewed papaya, papaya stewed pork ribs are good choices.