The earliest tears can most affect women and men.


The earliest tears can most affect women and men.

Guide: The old saying goes: “Men don’t cry easily because they don’t reach the heart.

“Then some of the sad boys tears, which of them will move you the most?

You can test the type of boys you can’t resist!

  Question: So what about the following sad boys’ tears that first moved you the most?

You can test the type of boys you can’t resist!

Boy B holding back his tears and gritting his teeth without crying.

Tough guy cries and complains when drunk.

After some hard work, we must give up and weep.

Tears over the departure of the most beloved woman

The six-year-old son was torn up, and his father cried loudly on TV. Option A: You like the kind of cool boy. He is inherently indifferent, very pessimistic about feelings, and not good at expressing feelings, but you like him.

The more he ignores you or doesn’t want to stay by your side, the more unable to extricate you from him.

So you have a slight tendency to masochistic!

  Option B: You will fall in love with a boy who loves emotions. He usually takes care of others. He is a trustworthy big brother. He bears all the hardships on his shoulders. He rarely talks about any distress and suppresses himself.All kinds of emotions, when you finally can’t hold back and cry drunken, or even hit someone, you will love and forgive his rudeness, understand his rare venting, do you have a little masochism?

  Choice C: You are easy to fall in love with a gentle boy who likes water and knows how to love. He works very hard and wants to create good living conditions for his beloved woman and make him worry-free. However, it is inevitable that he will have bad luck and must give up when encountering major setbacks.At that time, the precious tears of regret fell down. At this time, what he needed most was your support, encouragement and help!

  Choice D: You regard love as the greatest dream in your life. A boy with a deep affection on the sea is your first choice. He must have deep affection, be dedicated and romantic, and always put his mind on you. This shows thatYou are a person who dares to love and needs to possess it completely.

Once the other party makes you feel betrayal, you will hate him forever and never forgive him for life.

  Choice E: What you love is a mature and stable man who is with him. You don’t need to worry about big things and small things. He can think and deal with all of them. What you want is this down-to-earth feeling.

You are a loving woman and need to be protected and cared for. You also want to take care of yourself. At the same time, you will give back to your loved ones with the same care and consideration.

  Psychological exploration: Men’s “shared” soft ribs. Men and women have slightly different brain structures due to psychological reasons, resulting in differences in personality and behavior.

There is a natural difference in language expression between men and women. A British media reported that women speak an average of 6400-8000 words per day, while men speak twice as few words per day as women, only 2000-4000.

Women are more suitable for communication work than men, such as public relations, salespersons, etc.

  When you return home and want to tell your husband about his happiness and upset, he shows a frosty expression.

He does not oppose you casually, but he is not good at expressing it.

Also after a tiring day, women want to have personality or talk to relieve stress, while men’s stress is simply rest.

Personality is not rest for him, men are more focused.

  Men are more afraid of accidents than women and are eager to be appreciated. When friends, especially relatives and friends, encounter accidents, men and women are informed at the same time.

If they test their heartbeat, it can be found that the heartbeat of men is far more than that of women. Although he does not cry like women and his expression becomes cold, but his heart hurts far more than women.

  Psychologists have found that men are often afraid of lovers being killed or commit suicide, while women are often afraid of lovers being accidentally accidental or dying of old age.

At the same time leading to obesity: men are more afraid of accidents than women, he does not want real life to be broken, and women are more eager for happiness.

  Once the family or career enters a good state, the male reveals a strong sense of enclosure. He does not want his territory to be occupied, and he does not want to lose his territory. Young women like to fantasize.Motivated by men.

After entering a higher position, women are far more likely to change jobs than men.

  Many men are derailed and have an affair, mainly because he cannot get appreciation and help in front of his wife.