The “stomach protection” of office workers is far from the stomach troubles


The 鈥渟tomach protection鈥?of office workers is far from the stomach troubles

Alcohol, alcohol, staying up late, eating improperly, coupled with depression and moodiness caused by work and life stress. Stomach disease is always uninvited, especially to work, often suffering from repeated attacks of stomach problems.
銆€銆€Smoking: Nicotine in tobacco can act on the vagus nervous system, destroy normal gastrointestinal activities, stimulate gastric acid secretion, and damage the gastric mucosa.
銆€銆€Alcohol: Alcohol can cause an inflammatory reaction to the gastric mucosa, which can cause mucosal congestion and edema. In severe cases, the gastric mucosa erodes and hemorrhage, aggravating the symptoms of gastritis and ulcers.
銆€銆€Staying up late due to lack of sleep due to day and night will reduce the blood flow in the stomach, reduce the self-protection ability of the stomach, and greatly increase the chance of gastric ulcer and oncogene growth.
銆€銆€Stress: Extreme emotions can cause neurological dysfunction in gastrointestinal plants and cause changes in blood supply and gastric acid secretion in the gastric mucosa, causing stomach problems or inducing stomach attacks.
銆€銆€Improper diet: eating rough, too cold, too hot, spicy, high sugar, high fat (fat), too sour and strong tea, coffee and other foods will stimulate gastric acid secretion, stimulate the gastric mucosa, induce recurrence of stomach disease (acid, pain);Overeating can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and induce stomach problems.
銆€銆€Stomach pain is the most direct symptom of stomach disease, and different pains also represent different stomach diseases.
銆€銆€Such as stomach pain and gastric pain are caused by chronic gastritis, superficial gastritis, mild gastric ulcer, etc.; stomach cramps are generally caused by acute gastritis, gastric ulcer or cold; excessive gastric acid secretion, severe gastric ulcer and acute and chronicGastritis, superficial gastritis can cause burning pain.