[Is baby constipated by eating avocado]_Baby_Stool


[Is baby constipated by eating avocado]_Baby_Stool

We often choose to eat fruits to detoxify the intestines, and different fruits have different effects.

Avocado is a good intestinal moisturizing fruit. It contains supplemental fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the operation of the digestive system, clear the complications in the body, and promote metabolism. It is a good fruit for moisturizing the intestines and preventing constipation.

Can babies be constipated by eating avocado?

Preventing constipation Because avocado is high in fiber (34% of daily intake is provided by an avocado), because soluble fiber can remove excess cholesterol from the body, and insoluble fiber helps keep the digestive system functioning, so it canPreventing baby constipation and lowering plasma levels Oleic acid is a unit unsaturated avocado contained in avocado, which can replace the saturated aunt in the replacement and reduce plasma levels.

Because the oil content is too high, although it is unsaturated fatty acids, for younger babies, eating more may not be good for digestion.

Diabetes can alleviate the low sugar content of avocado pulp, which is 1/5 of the sugar content of bananas. It is a rare high-fat and low-sugar food for people with diabetes to help improve memory. Under normal circumstances, babies can add complementary foods for four months.For Liu Youguo, which is rich in oils, it is very unfavorable for the baby’s digestion, so mothers can give their children avocado for six months.

Precautions for eating avocado 1. Avocado must be eaten fresh and not eaten for a long time, or it will oxidize and turn yellow soon, and even adding lemon juice is useless.

2. Although the nutritional value of avocado is high, it should not be eaten uncontrollably. You can eat at most one a day.

Avocado is one of the highest energy fruits, with a trace content of about 15%, which is higher than eggs and chicken.

For every 100 grams of avocado, it contains about 160 kcal of energy, which is 3 times that of sweet apples and 2 times that of milk.

7 times.

What is the way to eat avocado? 1. Wash the avocado directly, remove the peel and core, cut into small pieces and eat directly. Pay attention to the taste, it may not be used to eating for the first time.

2. Make a salad and cut avocado into about 1 cubic centimeter pieces, mix with peas, corn and your favorite vegetables (such as hot broccoli, cucumber, tomato, etc.), then mix with salad dressing or tomato sandDivision, is a delicious and healthy avocado salad!

3. Spread the avocado on the slice of bread, scoop it up with a small spoon, spread it evenly on the slice as a jam, and add strawberry jam or honey, the taste is quite good.

This approach is simple, convenient and sweet.

4, milkshake add avocado with enough milk or yogurt, plus honey, mix into a blender and stir into a milkshake. This is the favorite of children and young people.

5. Pick a cooked avocado with sugar, cut it in half, remove the core, scrape the flesh from the skin with a small fork or a spoon, crush it, add a spoonful of white sugar, mix well, and use a spoon to scoopEat.