Men’s health advocates low temperature sleep


Men’s health advocates low temperature sleep

Why do people who sleep at low temperatures must sleep?

For rest or charging?

In fact, we should understand the essence of sleep from the perspective of prolonging life.


What do we usually advocate every day?
8 hours of adequate sleep is essentially a metabolic state in which body temperature is at a low point in 24 hours, and in a broad sense belongs to a kind of “low temperature health care”.

  Only this is not enough, causing fractures. Scientists have tried to produce a “special cold room”. When sleeping at night, the body temperature can be raised to about 15 °C. The next morning “cold room” will automatically heat up and make people’s body temperature.Gradually reduce back to normal.

Allowing the accumulated time of a person’s life course to sleep in a “cold room” and a similar low-temperature environment, the “life energy” saved is considerable and will be the basis for extending life.

  The “low temperature” of low-temperature cooking and low-temperature cooking is not as low as possible, and should have a comfortable “degree”.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s recommendations are: full poultry meat 82 ° C, earth turkey and chicken 74 ° C, cattle, sheep, pork 71 ° C, eggs 71 ° C (or egg yolk and protein boiled to coagulation), barbecueClass 63 ° C, vegetables 55 ° C, leftovers 74 ° C.

  The California Department of Health uses legal form to limit the temperature of the restaurant’s minimum frying food. It can be eaten: * minced minced meat, minced meat or food containing minced meat, cooking temperature must reach 69 °C.

  * Eggs and foods containing eggs must have a cooking temperature of 63 °C.

  * Pork and pork-containing foods must have a cooking temperature of 68 °C.

  * Poultry, fish and foods containing poultry or fish must have a cooking temperature of 74 °C.

  Low temperature environment and high temperature index, low temperature environment can slow down the basal metabolic rate of the human body, and the vital functions of breathing, pulse, blood pressure and so on are relatively moderate and moderate, and the “life energy” of consumption and consumption is also reduced.

Scientists believe that life activities work according to the “life energy” consumption law, that is, a person’s “life energy” is limited. After consumption, life is drawn to a full stop, so the faster the consumption, the shorter the life.

The low temperature environment is one of the effective ways to delay the consumption of “life energy”.

In fact, consciously reconstructing the speed of consumption of “life energy”, causing slower and slower, so that long-term flow and longevity can be extended.

  For example, if a housefly can live for 150 years at a temperature of 18 ° C, it can only survive for 70 years at a temperature of 28 ° C, and its life span is reduced by half.

This formality is also suitable for human beings. If we can maintain our living environment at a low temperature below 17 °C, it will definitely benefit longevity.

In fact, people can have such living temperature conditions for about half a year in their lifetime of two-thirds of their lifetime.

Some people suffer from premature aging and even premature death, which is not unrelated to the warm and comfortable environment.

In particular, they include high-tech heating equipment inside the air conditioner, which is a pity that the low-temperature health benefits are lost.

It seems that accustomed to a slightly cold and refreshing rather than a higher temperature of life and work environment, is the real way to extend life.

In addition, wear as little clothing as possible (such as insisting on autumn), or eat less than a meal, or lower the temperature of the indoor air conditioner, you can also play the role of longevity.