Six points of don’t doubt baby’s emotional intelligence training


Six points of don’t doubt baby’s emotional intelligence training

The age of 0-3 is the first critical period for the formation and development of a baby’s personality, habits, and will.

Grasp this golden age, give your baby full emotional intelligence education, and actively carry out a healthy personality foundation for the baby in kindergarten, elementary school, adolescence and adult stages, so as to do more with less.

  So how should parents educate their baby before 3 years old?

Let’s take a look at the six main points of your baby’s emotional intelligence education.

  Point one: Compassion and love. Children have compassion from birth. A 9-month-old baby also touches the scene when he sees another baby crying. He shed tears without hesitation. This is the simplest and most primitive sympathyWay of expression.

As your child grows up, you should help him develop this good quality in daily life and play.

You can ask your child from time to time: In order to make other children happy and happy, what should you do?

How did you offend your children today?

Why did you do this?

This method can help children build a rapport with others and train them to continue to give love to others.

  Point two: Money management habits Alan (pseudonym) decided to bring the child to understand the value of each dollar by shopping with him. At the beginning, the child has not disappeared so quickly. Now he will understand and be glad that the money helped themHow busy!

In addition, you can give the child money (a child of at least 8 years old) and ask him to buy something he likes.

For the first time, the child becomes the owner of the money and dominates it. He will be at a loss and you can give him some careful off-site guidance.

Show him how to plan and spend the money properly.

Cultivate a child’s good consumption habits from an early age and expand his life-long benefits.

  Point 3: Concentration and Responsibility Encourage and try to get them to focus on a hobby or extra-curricular activity. If all kinds of activities come in this week, she will have to practice ballet, play the piano, and draw, childShe will be tiringly tired and unable to keep up. As a result, she may not be able to learn anything. On the contrary, if you only carefully choose an extracurricular activity that she likes, she will not only exhaustively study attentively, but also cultivate a kind of self-interest.The military activities they engage in have a strong sense of responsibility towards their collective.

  Point four: Learn to understand others for a day, and Yali (a pseudonym) finds out that because her 6-year-old son laughed at him and did not invite a classmate in his class to his birthday party, this classmate cried sadly.

  Yali didn’t directly blame her son, or led him to say: If you were not invited, how would you feel?

The son immediately caused harm to his classmate due to his behavior, and he immediately invited the classmate to his birthday party.

Through a seemingly small thing that can benefit a child, it inspires how he understands and treats others kindly.

  Point 5: Being an honest child will inevitably tell a lie or two. At this time, you must patiently teach the child.

Children 6-7 years old can quickly realize that they have lied and feel very guilty, ashamed, but overwhelmed. All you have to do is to let them have all the psychological pressure and let them feel assured that you will not blamethey.

When your child can point out the wrongdoing of others frankly, you should encourage and praise his bravery and integrity.

  Point six: Do n’t refuse to be brave Today ‘s daughter is worried about Zhongzhong: She thinks that a classmate ‘s approach is incorrect, but she does n’t know whether to say it.

Zhu Li reported her experience for her daughter: In a class cadre election, a friend asked her to vote for herself, instead of her original intention, and secretly voted for another classmate.

My friend lost because of losing this vote, but everything Julie did not tell her friend.

Julie is ashamed of the altar: Since then I swear, as long as I firmly believe that the right one will come out bravely.

Her daughter was inspired and inspired by Julie’s words, she knew how to face and deal with some things.