The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine Chenpi, corn must be treated to reduce swelling


The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine Chenpi, corn must be treated to reduce swelling

We take the necessary nutrients from various foods every day and hope to get a healthy and healthy body, but not everyone can be lucky to achieve this goal.

Elders often say, “People grow up on whole grains. Who can be without an illness?

“It’s not rough, and it’s true.

  Fortunately, the current medical conditions have made great progress. Major illnesses can be treated in hospitals, and minor illnesses such as colds and fevers can also be treated by taking medicine.

However, the so-called “three poisons of medicine”, whether it is surgery or taking medicine, will produce a certain substitution for the body, so it is better to avoid taking medicine if conditions allow.

  Is it ill to let the sickness rag in our body without taking medicine?

Of course not. In fact, besides going to the pharmacy to buy medicine, there are some other methods that we have forgotten.

There are some foods in our lives that often appear on our table, but many people just think of them as food for hunger, but they ignore that they actually have many other functions.

  First, the effect of corn whiskers Golden corn is a crop that everyone is very familiar with. Mature corn can be ground into corn noodles and cooked, but many people forget another part of corn. ItIt’s corn.

  1. The swelling corn must grow on top of the corn. To be more professional, it is actually the stigma of corn. Because its furry appearance is very similar to a human beard, it is called corn whisker.

  Although many people will remove corn shavings when eating corn, this does not mean that corn shavings are useless. On the contrary, it is still a very valuable natural medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats corn beard residues as “dragon beards”. It has a flat and sweet taste. If eaten regularly, it can increase the secretion of chlorine compounds in the body and avoid the effect of large amount of protein replacement.

At the same time, it has a significant effect on body edema caused by various reasons, so it is often used by modern medicine to treat nephritis edema.

  2. The treatment of three high corns must have a very comprehensive preventive and health care effect. In the process of corn consumption, we can put the corns with the whiskers in the pot and cook them, and add some sugar in them.A soup with blood lipid lowering, blood pressure, and blood sugar effects. After being placed in the three-high population, it can effectively relieve the condition.

  3. The biliary corn whisker also contains a substance that can promote bile secretion. Proper consumption can significantly increase the amount of bile secreted in the body and reduce the impurities in it.

  Second, the effect of tangerine peel Sweet and sour orange is a fruit that many people like very much. It is true that most people will throw the peeled peel into the trash after eating oranges.Great waste.

Because orange peel is a traditional Chinese medicine with a variety of health effects, its scientific name is Chenpi.

  1. Antitussive Chenpi has many effects after being made into Chinese medicine. Antitussive is one of them. Its nature is relatively mild. When someone takes it, it can make it very good for ventilation and antitussive effect.

The principle of its treatment is to clear the vomit gas accumulated in the body by promoting the peristalsis of the stomach and the stomach, thereby improving the function of expectorant and cough.

If the usual appetite is not good, you can add the peel to the water to make it. Once you have it, you can make your body recover quickly.

  2, spleen and stomach spleen and stomach is an important organ of the human body, if the spleen and stomach function appears abnormal, then indigestion, nausea and vomiting will occur.

At this time, the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing can be achieved by taking tangerine peel. The transformed tangerine peel can also be used in combination with ginger at home, which can improve the more obvious treatment effect.

  Third, precautions for use Corn and whiskers are very common medicines in life, but they are easy to be ignored, so many people do not know what taboos they have. Here are a brief introduction.

  1. Those who are physically weak should take caution whether it is corn beard or tanned skin, both of which have certain medicinal power, which can be accompanied by the corresponding therapeutic effect after taking it, but if the constitution is weak, it is very likely that there will be inexhaustible phenomena.For those with poor physical fitness, it is better to take some more mild food and medicine.

  2. Those who have too much stomach acid should be cautious because the skin has a certain dehumidifying effect. If there is more stomach acid in the body, the stomach acid cannot be eliminated, and the burden on the spleen and stomach will be increased.

  Through the above sharing, everyone should have a certain understanding of the effects of corn whisker and tangerine peel.

These two seemingly inconspicuous foods are actually “masters with excellent skills” and have very good effects in dealing with various adverse symptoms.

It would be a pity to throw it away without discrimination.

If you have these two kinds of valuable things with you, you must keep them in a safe place to protect your health at the critical moment.