Five tricks to teach you to see Gao Fushuai


Five tricks to teach you to see Gao Fushuai

Too many men without money play tricks on girls, and some women who have not experienced social life are often deceived in order to live a better life for themselves.

  1. Dress.

In today’s society, rich men are going to look at their clothes.

At this time, someone will say, I also know this. If you want to say, of course, it depends on the clothes, wears brand names, wears fashionable ties, the head is bright, and the temperament must be the grandfather.

Then I tell you, this is wrong. In today’s society, the section master is no longer in the 80’s. All oily heads are smooth. Wearing high-end brand-name suits is the symbol of section master.

  Conversely, those men who are unobtrusive, for example, wear slippers into high-end hotels, or wear plain walks on the streets, are the representatives of the grandfather.

Because they are rich, rich men certainly need to guard against being robbed and kidnapped, etc., so they are not real.

However, in today’s society, the more stylishly dressed and the more neatly dressed a man is, he is the symbol of a poor man.

  2. Talk.

Rich men, talking is also an important symbol.

When you first meet a rich man, he usually does not confess to his rich life immediately, but communicates with you like an ordinary person. If you meet a man, heIn the beginning, I said in front of you how rich I was, and I will give you a house tomorrow, and I will give you a diamond ring the day after tomorrow, or where do I open a company or a factory.

  Then I can tell you that a man like this is purely a liar, and he is not really a rich man at all.

Because the really rich man, he will not tell you so much. The more rich the man, the more afraid he is that his love is not insured, and the woman who is afraid of him is with him for his money.

Therefore, rich men must pay attention to their conversation and communication.

  3, manners.

Rich men also need to behave.

If you say that when you have just made a boyfriend and you don’t know if he has no money, you have to look at his behavior and behavior.

If you say that this man has just been with you and you haven’t known him yet, without your permission, he would have manipulated you and said something about loving you, then I’m sure such a man,Not a rich man.

  Rich men do n’t mess with their new girlfriends because they are rich. How many women have nostalgic for them and how many women they have n’t seen, why do n’t they care about you, do n’t they?

So ah, rich men remember to look at their behavior. If they are generous, they think of you, and they are also an absolute symbol of richness.

  4, generous and wealthy men also depend on generosity.

Of course, it is not the degree to which the girl spends money, or the generosity of spending money in daily life.

In modern society, wealthy men are relatively stingy. Of course, stingy is just shopping, shopping, and they are careful.

  Many poor men obviously do n’t have money, they also like to act in front of women and buy things. As long as the girlfriend he just met is happy, he pays as much as he has, never bargaining, never saving. Such men are actually veryFake is not a symbol of a rich man at all.

  Conversely, wealthy men are often suspicious of some items in their lives and are well thought out.

Because they have money, the richer the man, the more careful he is, and the more he saves, it ‘s not the money that he cares about. He often cares about being afraid of being “hacked” by others. They care about saving.The richer the man, the more stingy.

  5. Phone.

The first aspect is to look at the style of the phone. The older the phone, the older the man, usually the symbol of the rich man.

Because rich men, they don’t care what brand of phone they buy, how much they spend to buy, and to charge this face. All they care about is the ease of use of the phone.

Conversely, the more moneyless, the more men with brand-name phones, they are often fat.