Small freckle tricks initially leave no spots on the face


Small freckle tricks initially leave no spots on the face

Click to buy black spots are very painful for women, and although there are many ways to remove spots, most of them are not very effective. No girl wants her shoulders to be covered with spots and spots, and she wants to have a white and tender skinBut resisting facing the computer, playing with mobile phones, and staying up late make a lot of women’s skin appear mottled, do you know the freckle?

Do you know if the white vinegar freckle method is right for you?

Come and take a look.

  When it comes to freckle, many women will look in the mirror to look at their face, it is inevitable that there will be more or less spots, it is not impossible to go for spots, but for your own skin, you must find your ownThe method is correct.

  One: White Vinegar Washing Method White vinegar freckle collecting the first type, of course, the simplest, most convenient and cheapest white vinegar washing method!

As long as you wash your face in the morning and evening, put a little peng water first, then pour a small amount (about two tablespoons) of white vinegar and mix thoroughly, patter on the face and pat, or simply immerse your face in vinegar water for a few minutes (you can change the air, you must~~).

  White vinegar freckle collection first collection, of course, is the easiest, most convenient and cheapest way to wash your face with white vinegar, then drain the water, and then start the normal face washing procedure.

Persist in washing your face with white vinegar every day, which can whiten the skin, lighten the spots, reduce wrinkles, and soften the skin. It’s that simple!

  Of course, after washing your face with white vinegar, you can use a freckle product for your face washing program. I recommend an Ouquan Lin freckle set.

After washing your face with white vinegar, cleanse your face with Ouquan Cleansing Milk, and finally the essence and rejuvenating cream. It is especially gentle to use, and it can whiten and remove spots and moisturize the skin.

  It is not only a daily skin care product, but also can strengthen the freckle effect, and can help restore the flawless fair skin.

  2: White vinegar + salt + water rubbing the face method This is an upgraded version of the white vinegar face washing method, it is also quite simple. Blend white vinegar, salt and water together. The ratio of white vinegar, salt and water is about 9: 3: 1.After adjusting, put a clean towel in it and soak it, then wipe it on your face, once in the morning and evening.

It has the same effect on whitening and freckle removing and delicate skin!

  3: White Vinegar + Winter Melon Juice Facial Method White Vinegar Freckle Collection The third type is going to add some ingredients. Does the family buy fresh winter melon and prepare to fry it?

Wash and peel and cut into pieces before leaving the pot, leave a few pieces to apply your face!

Smash the melon to get the juice, then add one or two tablespoons of white vinegar, mix well and spread it on a wooden board, and you can wash it off in about 10 minutes.

Apply 2-3 times a day with white vinegar and melon juice, and use it for half a month to help remove spots!

In addition, eating winter melon often can help lose weight!

  Four: white vinegar + atractylodes rubbing method white vinegar freckle collection of the fourth type, of course, the folk whitening and freckle remedy soaked in vinegar and white vinegar slightly.

Baizhu (zhu, the third sound) can be bought in a drug store, washed and cut into pieces or slices, and then soaked in white vinegar or rice vinegar (Atractylodes: vinegar = 1:10), sealed and soaked for a week (also said soaking)2-3 days).

  After washing your face every day, use vinegar-soaked atractylodes to rub the spot of the facial spots, and then wash it with water. Continuous use has the effect of lightening and eliminating stains. It is especially effective for freckles.Freckle mask winter melon + white vinegar mask practice: first squeeze the winter melon into juice and evenly reconcile with the same amount of white vinegar, apply on cleansed skin, and wash with water after about 10 minutes.

  Tip: It is recommended to apply 2 every day?
3 times can effectively break down melanin, make the skin rosy and fair, you must see half a month to see a good freckle effect.

  Bee pollen + honey mask: Add bee pollen to some honey, let it dissolve naturally, and apply it on the shell before going to bed at night, insisting that you can see that the stains on it are significantly reduced, and the skin will become moreFair.

  Tip: Mixing bee pollen with honey can also effectively reduce melanin, so that stains and dullness are removed.

  Lemon + cucumber juice mask method: squeeze the cucumber into juice, then drip a small amount of lemon juice, mix the two together, wash the face and then apply it on the face, about 30 minutes later, wash with waterThen, follow-up skin care work.

  Tips: This little freckle recipe is very effective, but be careful not to use it during the day to avoid damaging the skin.

  Motherwort + milk mask method: mash the proper amount of motherwort to sap, and mix with milk to mix evenly, apply it daily and combine with gentle massage.

  Tips: Motherwort + milk freckle mask has a very magical effect. If you stick to it, you can successfully find the dark spots that are found and slowly eliminate them, especially effective for sun spots.

  Glutinous rice flour freckle mask: Prepare glutinous rice flour and honey, take out 2 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour and 2 teaspoons of honey, mix them evenly to make a paste, and put them on one piece. Wash them in about 15 minutes.

  Tips: mm for oily skin is another kind of egg white in paste. For mm for dry skin, add egg yolk. For mixed skin, add half of egg yolk and egg white at the same time.

  Loofah freckle mask: Grind the dried loofah into powder, add a small amount of honey and mix well; after washing your face, put it on the skin with long spots, keep it for about 15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water.can.
  Tips: Loofah contains a variety of vitamins, proteins, proteins and ascorbic acid, which can cause whitening effects, and it also contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, xylose, and plant mucus. Long-term use can make the skin more beautiful.exquisite.

  Eggplant juice freckle mask: first wash the eggplant and put it in a juicer to squeeze the juice. After cleansing, apply the eggplant juice evenly and gently massage with your fingertips to promote absorption.After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Tips: Eggplant is rich in vitamin C, which can inhibit tyrosinase, prevent the synthesis of melanin, and has a whitening effect on the skin. Eggplant juice has a very good freckle effect.

  Conclusion: After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, is it not that difficult to remove freckle? You can make your own mask to remove the freckle on your side. So what are you waiting for? Prepare the materials and make them.The longer the time, the more difficult it is to remove, it must be timely, so act fast, little friends.