[How long is the steamed fish head with chopped peppers]_Recommended diet


[How long is the steamed fish head with chopped peppers]_Recommended diet

Chopped fish head belongs to Hunan cuisine. It is a relatively well-known pie. Chopped pepper has salty and spicy characteristics, and its flavor is unique. The color of the dish is very red and bright, and the taste is very strong.It is fresh but not greasy, and the taste is very soft and glutinous. The steamed fish head can’t be steamed for too long. Generally, it can be steamed for about ten minutes on a high fire. Let’s take a look at this.

Prepare 500 g of fish head. Prepare the right amount of peanut oil, salt, ginger garlic, cooking wine, fish sauce, chives, and chopped peppers.

First clean the fish head, remove the fish gills, remove the fish scales, prepare homemade chopped peppers, prepare the onion ginger garlic, clean the ginger, cut into shreds, put the fish head in a bowl, and put the shredded ginger in a bowlMedium, add salt, add cooking wine, grab the fish head and marinate for 20 minutes.

Cover the marinated fish head with homemade chopped peppers, then put it in the steamer and steam over high heat for about ten minutes. When steaming the fish, prepare the onion and garlic, cut the onion into foam, and cut the garlic.At the end, ten minutes later, the fish head of chopped peppers is ready, and then sprinkle the onions and minced garlic evenly on the fish head.

Put another pan, put a large spoon of oil in the pan, burn the oil and smoke, then pour it on the fish head, and finally prepare the aligned fish sauce and pour it on the fish head, so that the fish head is chopped with pepper.

The steamed fish head of chopped pepper can’t be steamed for too long, just ten minutes, the time is too long, the taste of the fish head will be lost. Finally, the oil will be poured on the fish to enhance the flavor of the chopped pepper. The oil must smoke, It is best to prepare tea tree oil, the taste will be better!

When salting fish heads, add less salt, because the chopped pepper itself is salty. In addition, when choosing fish heads, it is better not to choose grass carp catfish, but to choose larger fish heads.