Beware of the five health crises behind the kiss


Beware of the five health crises behind the kiss

What are you afraid of!

Hot kisses will not be pregnant, seemingly foolproof intimacy, but may put you in crisis such as periodontal disease, allergies, herpes, or even ruptured eardrums.

  The sequelae of passionate kisses can always sweep the sexuality of lovers in an instant. Don’t think that the trouble of infection can only occur after an improper sex process. At present, quite a lot of research reports show that modern-styleHot kisses do harm to your health.

  And a female graduate student in the French Medical School pointed out in her graduation thesis that a typical French kiss can make people swallow 250 bacteria at the same time. How many problems can a kiss cause?

In just 45 seconds of kissing, in addition to the conversion that can consume 12 calories, what are the chain reactions that affect health?

  Periodontal problems The oral cavity is where human bacteria breed most. Even multiple germs cannot escape the disinfection of gastric acid, but a large number of bacteria that leak out of the net can still cause health concerns.

  When passionately kisses, the state of selflessness often makes people lose their mind instantly. In this case, the most common occurrence is to accidentally bite the other’s mouth and suck it. Xie Yihua pointed out that when the time comes,However, it is no longer just exchanging saliva, but entering the state of blood and water fusion, especially when there is a wound in your mouth, it will easily cause diseases such as periodontal disease and gum inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended that when there is a wound in the mouthIt is best to reduce intimate contact with others.

  Even if the eardrum ruptures are not kissing the ears, kissing too embarrassingly, when it is hot, it will cause an imbalance in the eardrum pressure. Under sudden pressure, cracks or even damage to the eardrum will occur.

  Although this type of traumatic eardrum rupture will lose about 20 to 30 decibels of hearing and heal itself after treatment by a doctor, it is still recommended that when kissing, it is better to restrain the mood and kiss.Don’t cover each other’s ears with both hands when you give them more breathing space.

  Is the fatal allergy so exaggerated?

It ‘s just a kiss. Why would you have to be in the emergency room the next moment?

That’s because the other person ate your sensitive ingredients beforehand.

  Because when eating, there will be some food residues in the mouth. In the posture without cleaning the mouth, these residues must take more than 8 hours to be completely decomposed. Therefore, if the meal is used,It’s best to brush or rinse your mouth before kissing, or to change the way you kiss your cheeks.

  Dr. Robert Wood of JohnHopkins Medical Center even recommends that if you experience breathing difficulties or discomfort during or after the kissing process, it is best to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you have never experienced this.

  Herpes virus inexplicably grows small pearl painful and itchy little blisters on the corner of the mouth, and the more it grows, the more it grows. Yes, it is the kiss that made you get herpes.

  Simple herpes simplex often occurs in young children with weak immunity. Such small blisters and mouth ulcers can be cured after one week of treatment, but in fact these stubborn herpes viruses still lurk in the body.Wait until your resistance weakens again.

  On the note of Dr. Anna Wald of the University of Washington in the United States, if you find a small blister or ulcer on the other half of your mouth, do n’t kiss him. Although the other party is cured, it may cause herpes virus to be transmitted to you, at least it can spreadThe amount of germs is countless times less!