Tips make the traditional position more exciting



Tips make the traditional position more exciting

How many sexual positions do you know?



Still three hundred?

No matter how much you know, how many of them are you doing?

And why do you want to use these practices?

If you know everything, it is best to choose five positions and fix them on these five.

Because (1) since you have chosen these five kinds, it shows that the effect is extraordinary. (2) These are the difficult actions you can do. (3) Tied your legs to the head. You can’t do it.

銆€銆€These are fatal – but perhaps you still want to know how many poses can be transformed with just a few small movements or simple movements of the body, and how to transform the new way with a bland approach.

Let me tell you about it: 1 Missionary style This is the most traditional position. If the results of the survey are still credible, it is still the most commonly used position.

Although it is not the most exciting and exciting category, if you do it right, you can enjoy the beauty of sex and ignite all your passion.

銆€銆€Practice: In a supine position, with your legs apart, let him lie on you, well – so that he can enter.

銆€銆€How to change: 路 Also do the above, but when he enters, point the legs straight and clamp, which will bring deep stimulation to your clitoris.

銆€銆€路 Change the angle: ring his legs with his legs.

This also helps you control his sprint.

銆€銆€路 Put a pillow under your knees to tilt your body back and he can get deeper.

銆€銆€路 Let him lie on you, but move to a higher position above your body, so that he will use the above to support himself, and will not squash you.

銆€銆€Conducive to: intimate “first contact”, for men who have difficulty maintaining erection.

Moreover, it is especially beneficial for men who can’t control ejaculation and are easy to “gun”.

銆€銆€2 male and female is just as famous – it means you are above him.

This is the love of most women, because in this position they are able to control and maintain a deeper insertion.

Men also like this position because they do almost nothing.

If your partner is on a regular basis, this method can help you control his insertion depth.

If he is prone to premature ejaculation, this position will also help you – when he seems to be reaching the climax, you can slow down in time.

銆€銆€Practice: Let him sit in a supine position with his legs slightly apart. You climb onto him and sit next to his cheekbones, letting his penis into your vagina.

銆€銆€How to change: 1.

As you enter the rhythm of the rhythm, lean forward and rub your clitoris with his pelvic area.

This way you will get a climax soon.


Tend his cheekbones and lift your pelvic depression to a point of climax.


If you sit on him and expect to go, you expand him deeper.


Don’t just let him sprint, but rely on yourself to move up and down to achieve the maximum effect of this position.


Finally, you can try to face him in this position, and then lean forward to make him deeper.

銆€銆€Conducive to: Women who want to control the depth of insertion and the speed of the sprint.

Also good for those lazy men.
Moreover, you will get a wonderful clitoral stimulation when you are thrusting.
銆€銆€3 puppy-style position This is the “sexual way of entering from the rear”, as opposed to “the way of entering the rear sex.”

Because this is the way the dog “loves”, so this name.

Men like this position very much, because there will be a little evil feeling, and giving them control over the entry and sprint will make them deeper.

The reason why women like this position is that it often stimulates g points, and men are more likely to have access to their breasts, chest and clitoris.

銆€銆€This position also has a drawback that can cause pain in many women.

Because the insertion is too deep, it means that the penis sometimes touches the cervix and therefore causes pain.

銆€銆€Practice: Use your hands and knees to support your body, let him replace your cheekbones at the back and enter from the rear.

銆€銆€How to change: 1.

Lower your body and support with your elbows to change the depth of his entry.


Kneeling at the bed, put your torso on the bed.

This makes you feel the ease of using this position – you don’t have to support your body as he sprints.


For those who seem extra strong and want to have an edge experience, try tilting your body to the bed and twisting it in series to support the weight of the body (put your head on the pillow).

Let your boyfriend be good at approaching you, lifting your legs up on his waist and then entering from the back.

銆€銆€Conducive to: deeper insertion; make sex have a more evil feeling; can stimulate g point.

銆€銆€”Various postures and movements are really good, but nothing can be compared to the simple way of using your own dreams with your own dreams.”