[How to recover after hitting the child’s head]


[How to recover after hitting the child’s head]

We know a saying that filial piety comes out under the stick. Because of this sentence, many parents choose to hit the child when the child makes a mistake, but this position and strength can not be controlled, resulting in accidentally hitting the child’s head.Causes harm to the child’s head, but many parents do not know how to correct after hitting the child’s head. The following method may teach you alternative methods after hitting the child’s head.

First, how to correct the child after hitting the head should pay attention to observe the performance of the child, to rule out the possibility of brain concussion, pay attention to whether there is a situation such as dizziness and vomiting. Guidance: After that, we must pay attention to the fact that children’s brains are inferior to adults.It is in the developmental stage, so you should pay attention to avoid encountering it. If there are abnormal symptoms, you should send it to the hospital for treatment in time, and you cannot handle it yourself.

Second, the harm of hitting the child’s head 1.

Everyone should know that the right side must not be damaged. If the head is severely injured, it may cause death or even paralysis. Many children are very naughty and parents are irritable, so they will be used to hitting children’s heads. Adults are beating children.If you don’t pay attention at that time, it may cause damage to your child’s brain, so you must pay special attention not to use violent methods to solve the problem.


Parents may have brain damage when hitting their child’s head. Generally, craniocerebral trauma or intracranial trauma will occur. Traumatic trauma is usually cerebral contusion or skull fracture, which will cause certain damage to brain tissue, such as cerebral edema, intracranialHematoma or acute intracranial pressure.


If the parent accidentally hits the child’s head, the sensitive structures of the skull may be oppressed or stimulated, such as veins, larger arteries, and certain cranial nerves, such as the vagus nerve, trigeminal nerve, etc. will be stimulated and cause adverse conditions.It can cause damage to your child’s nerves, scalp blood vessels, or scalp.


Parents hit their children’s heads to cause psychological harm to their children. Many parents have to say hard words when they beat their children. They have been living under this pressure and their children’s psychological burden has become more and more serious.

The mood will also become very depressed, which is very bad for the child ‘s physical health, so when the child does something wrong, parents must not use violence, or even punish the child by beating. They should also hit the palm of the child.Or the buttocks should be gentle, the main purpose is to scare the child, so that you can learn lessons.