The seven measures to improve the summer fight are most effective


The seven measures to improve the “summer fight” are most effective

In summer, the temperature is high, and people are particularly prone to sleepiness, especially after lunch, the whole person is listless.
No lunch break, no mental work; sleeping on the table, easy neck pain.
How do you deal with the tricky “summer fight”?
  As the saying goes: “Spring sleep, lack of autumn, summer snoring”, the so-called “summer snoring”, also known as “summer burnout” in medicine, it is due to the hot summer, the temperature is too high, so that the body wicks a lot of sweat, andWith the sweat can discharge a lot of potassium, and because the potassium can not be replenished in time, resulting in people’s summer fatigue, lack of energy.
If the lack of energy affects work and life, how should we deal with this endless sleepiness?
Experts will help you to see if there are 7 strokes that will help us overcome the “summer fight”.
  1. Tap your fingertips to get rid of fatigue.
  (1) When you are dizzy, it is a good idea to gently tap (knock) your head with the tip of your finger.
First knock on the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into two areas, carefully tap gently.
The attention should be gentle, otherwise it will be more and more faint.
  (2) Tap the golden triangle thymus from the bottom of the neck to the nipple with your fingers to relieve the suffocation of the chest.
  2, fist press, release fatigue.
  The fist is clenched and placed in the back of the ear, close to the skull in the center of the neck, close your eyes, and tilt your head back to release the feeling of exhaustion.
  3, dry brush the body, refreshing health.
  Dry the body from the end of the limb to the heart by hand for about ten times.
It is necessary to pay attention to the arm to be rotated, the whole arm should be brushed; the leg part is the ankle to the knee and the thigh to the hip area, the method is the same as above, each brush ten times.
  4, coarse salt soaked feet, restore the spirit.
  When you go home, you can put 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt or rock salt, 3-4 drops of essential oil in warm water and mix well, then soak your feet. It is recommended to use lemon or lemongrass essential oil in summer.
  5, sniffing the essential oils, refreshing.
  When the air is dull and makes people feel dizzy and unclear, smell the essential oils of the leaves or the camphor and rosemary essential oils with a cold smell.
Lemon, verbena, citrus, grapefruit and other odors also have a strong refreshing effect.
  6, with mint, refreshing and refreshing.
  Apply peppermint oil or a peppermint stick to wake up, and the mint’s aroma can also heat up.
  7, hot stone massage, neck comfort.
  Place a smooth, smooth stone in hot water and then slide the stone slowly along the neckline.