The concept of health is very important, blind health is equal to raising a disease!



The concept of health is very important, blind health is equal to raising a disease!

There is no doubt that the unity of nature and man is our understanding of the relationship between the natural universe and human beings. We believe that human beings are an inseparable part of nature. Man and nature are a community of destiny and are closely linked. This is in line with the modern scientific concept.Consistently, there are many theories about this, the content is rich, the genre is numerous, affecting all aspects of life, and the health care is also very vast.

The isomorphism of heaven and man is the most direct statement. Man is the embodiment of the natural body of the universe. He believes that human beings are copied according to their own images. Human form is formed, human temperament, consciousness, and morality are not transformed.People and the sky are echoed.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, “there are two days in the sky, and there are two people in the sky; there are nine states in the land, nine people in the land; there are wind and rain in the sky, people have joys and anger”; Dong Shenshu’s “there is four days, the king has four politics”Wait.

The people have always had a star in the sky and a person in the ground.

As far as nature is concerned, the sky is a hidden mystery, including the influence of the timing and seasonal judgments on the operation of the cloud, etc. The real master can detect the changes in nature and bring some subtle manifestations based on experience, such as the handle of the East Finger., the world is spring, based on the position of the Big Dipper at dusk, to judge the season of the season.

For example, when there is a vision in the sky, there is a corresponding natural phenomenon in the earth. This is a very scientific understanding.

According to the early judgment of the sky, it tends to avoid harm, so as to respond correctly. This is the wisdom of the ancestors. The theory of the five movements and six qis is to study the gradual law of natural changes and its influence on human health and disease.

According to the concepts of Wuzang and Liufu, Sanyin Sanyang and Jingjing, and twelve meridians, the relationship between man and nature is organic.

It is believed that the synchronization of the dynamic rhythm between the human beings and the foundation of human health, the imbalance is the root cause of all diseases.

On the basis of this theory, a set of rules that can be followed and applied can be established for life health, and it is possible to follow the natural law of compliance, but to make the most natural adjustment.

Everything that comes to life is a healthy life.

For example, there are corresponding health regimes at different ages, different seasons, and even different timetables in a day. There are specific health regimens. According to these, you can arrange your own life, and you will naturally be healthy and peaceful.

At different stages, people should use different ages to point out that some children have long body and are full of yang. When they give natural nutrition, they grow up healthily. It is undeniable that nowadays various supplementsWith all kinds of care, the children are still prone to illness. This aspect is related to the environment. More problems are in the parents. This is the root cause.

When middle-aged people are just flourishing, a family works at one end, there are old and small, and they strive for a better life. The most common thing is to exchange their own health for the happiness of a family. This stage is not allowed.A little bit sloppy, jealous and life is already unaffordable.

Can not fall down, this should be a peace of mind, moderately participate in exercise, to ensure the quality of sleep, three meals a day to eat on time, to prevent overwork, problems in time to adjust without delay, can not think that they can be taken lightly, to prevent problems before they happen.
An Duan’s middle-aged health trough can lay the foundation for longevity.

In the old age, in the principle of safety first, we will adapt to nature and adjust the physiological side in the first place. Every time we choose what we like and can persist, we can live a long and healthy life.

However, all kinds of health care products, such as health care products, and the secrets of health care, the hype of the hype, are grasped by experts, so that they lose their opinions in life, and they are more and more likely to choose.Misunderstanding.

The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says that there are diets, daily living, and unreasonable work, that is, eternal health wisdom, which is universally applicable.

As an elderly person, it is necessary to improve the happiness index of later years.

It is to stay away from the “health trap”, to have a fundamental understanding, to recognize the laws of nature, to recognize aging, and thus to face positively, not to speak old, but to be old, to adapt to their aging body, and to find a suitable method of health,It is not the best way to enter the most beautiful sunset red by not introducing the health products to the experts to delay aging and stay young.