Cucumber cooked to eat is more conducive to detoxification


Cucumber cooked to eat is more conducive to detoxification

When the summer arrives, the cucumber is crisp and refreshing, and some people prefer the appetite for summer heat.

However, most people are mainly raw food, simmered in miso and mixed with salad.

However, a Japanese doctor suggested that it is more conducive to health after the cucumber is heated.


hzh {display: none; }  黄瓜属凉性食物,成分中96%是水分,能祛除体内余热,具有祛热解毒的作用。Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold food is not conducive to the circulation of blood, which will hinder metabolism and cause various diseases.

Therefore, even in the hot summer, when the cucumber is heated and eaten, it can retain its swelling effect, and can also change its cooling properties, avoiding adverse health effects on everyone’s body.

  The best way to eat cucumbers is to cook the cucumbers directly. Although the taste is slightly lower than that of the fried ones, the nutritional value can be well preserved and the summer edema can be alleviated.

The most suitable time to eat boiled cucumber is before dinner, because boiled cucumber has a strong detoxification effect. If you first enter the body, you can excrete a small amount of food and salt that will be absorbed later.

Sticking to this method can also reduce the effect of weight.

In addition, soup with cucumber is also a good choice.