a strong yellow wine



a strong yellow wine

11 degrees, can not represent the alcohol content of all wines, but it is a degree of taking.

Centering around 11 degrees, spread left to right, covering almost all wines.

Here, we believe that the story of wine is not universal knowledge, not instilling truth, not showing off, but just providing some talks for readers who pay attention to this space, and some talk about interesting things about wine and wine.

銆€銆€The yellow wines in the Lara region are best for white wine at 10 掳C, the red wines that are perfect for tannins, and the champagne bubbles in the French champagne region, which are already familiar to us.

A yellow-gold wine is less well known. They are the yellow wine (Vin Jaune) from JURA.

銆€銆€Yellow wine – the temperament of the wine tasting salon HENRI MAIRE is a large family in Albuquerque, and has been in existence for more than three hundred years since 1632.

In addition to a large grape plantation, there is a small but rich wine tasting salon in the town where you can taste wine, visit the wine cellar and be in the wine world.

銆€銆€The grape variety that produces yellow wine is SAVAGNIN, a white grape that grows only in Albuquerque and Chateau-Chalon. It can ferment itself and produce a film on the surface of the wine.After that, it will take 6 years and 3 months to make a good yellow wine.

銆€銆€The yellow wine has a strong aroma and often has the aroma of walnuts, almonds and beeswax. The aftertaste after the entrance is long lasting.

In addition to its unique taste, it has its own characteristics from the cultivation of grapes to the brewing.

AOC-rated vineyards stipulate that grapes from a vineyard must not exceed 5,000 liters, while yellow wines cannot exceed 2,000 liters.

Moreover, usually a bottle of wine is 750 ml, and a bottle of yellow wine is only 620 ml, because after a liter of wine has evaporated for 6 years, only 620 ml is left.

銆€銆€The legend about yellow wine is located on the border between France and Switzerland. It is the only wine in all French wine regions.

This color is not the white snow of the Jura Mountains. It is not the brown of the wild mushroom jungle. It is not the red maple on the dry river bed of the Sa?ne River. It is not the black and white pattern of the fresh grass and cows in the sun. It is not the small town of Opoi.The bright red laurel on the head of the rooster, the color of the pull, is the gold in the bottle.

It is a crystal yellow, more translucent than the maple leaf under the sun; it is a clear yellow, such as the oily flower in April.

This is the unique yellow wine in France and even the whole world.

銆€銆€In Jura, there are many stories about rice wine.

One of the most widely spread versions said that in the Middle Ages, a nobleman was enlisted in the army for six years.

When he returned to his hometown, he found many white wines in his cellar.

He opened the oak barrel and saw that the wine had changed from white to yellow.

He called the workers and dumped all the discolored wine. Who knows that the workers tasted a bite, and the wine tastes far better than the original liquor. The workers sold the wine and made a large fortune and escaped.

Since then, the Jura people have known that the wine has been brewed for three years in the wine cellar. Once it is put on for three more years, it will become a delicious yellow wine.

銆€銆€Arbois, the hometown of the town of ARBOIS, the home of the father of the 榛勬媺榛勯厭, is the premier city for grape cultivation in the Jura region and has a AOC (name of origin) level for 70 years.

There are plenty of wine cellars, and many local wine lovers often travel to and from the small prestigious wine cellars.

銆€銆€The other one who is proud of the Albwa is Mr. Pasteur who invented the “Paste Disinfection Method” and contributed to the brewing of beer.

The famous biologist was born here. His theory of yeast self-reproduction has inspired the Jura people to brew yellow wine, which greatly improved the quality of the yellow wine and thus made Pasteur.The title of the father of the wine.

銆€銆€Almost all of the Juras said that it was Pasteur who taught them to make fine yellow wine.

At the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pasteur, some of the wineries of Jura printed his head on the wine label – it was just a kind of commemoration, and later the embodiment of the price: the same year and quality of the rice wine, as long as the barWith the wine label, you can sell several euros.

銆€銆€COMTE + HIRSINGER – the perfect match for yellow wines COMTE cheese is an AOC grade cheese. This grade of cheese requires cows that produce cheese milk to have an active area for each head.

There are 426 species of flowers in the activity area of these cattle, which determine that these coexisting milks have different flowers and plants.

銆€銆€The perfect combination of the rich summer COMTE and the rich yellow wine, the collision between the two, finally reached the perfection.

銆€銆€HIRSINGER handmade chocolate with yellow wine HIRSEGER is a family chocolate workshop. In addition to preserving the original traditional taste, it is more of a new taste created by the owner.

Among them, walnut curry chocolate and green pepper chocolate are most suitable for use with yellow wine.

銆€銆€The rich yellow wine dilutes the creamy taste of the green pepper chocolate, bringing out the pepper scent hidden behind it.

The aroma of walnut and curry in the yellow wine blends perfectly with the walnut curry chocolate.

One is a complementary relationship, and the other is a consistent relationship.

Which one do you prefer?

銆€銆€3 AOCs – Yellow Wine Chicken with White Rice There is a restaurant in the town of Albuf, named La finette, where there is a famous dish – yellow wine chicken with white rice.銆€銆€Chicken is not an ordinary chicken, it is a chicken of the same grade; mushrooms are not ordinary mushrooms, and morel is also AOC grade; not to mention yellow wine, it is still AOC grade.

銆€銆€The chicken stewed with yellow wine, for 8 hours, refined the chicken’s deliciousness, the mellowness of the wine and the flavor of the mushroom, and sublimated it, which created the famous dish called 鈥淵ellow Wine Roast鈥?

銆€銆€Note: AOC (Appellation of Origin) certification is a French system for ensuring the quality of agricultural products. Only certain agricultural products produced in a specific place of origin can be marked with the place of origin. Some sparkling wines produced in non-champagne areas cannot be called 鈥渃hampagne鈥?”.
This will ensure that consumers can eat authentic good things, and second, they can protect the rights and interests of farmers who produce specialty agricultural products.