Kid constipation may wish to try massage



Kid constipation may wish to try massage

When this happens, the child is afraid that the doctor will not go to the hospital. What should I do?

Dr. Wang Lili, from the Department of Pediatrics and Tuina, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, tells you a little trick to solve this problem at home.

銆€銆€Wang Lili said that when constipation occurs in children, in general, just press the Qiyangchi point, push down the Chengshan point, and simultaneously press the abdomen to relieve the symptoms.

Wang Lili introduced that Yangchi Point is the main point for the treatment of constipation. In the middle of the wrist, the middle of the three-finger is about three fingers. At this point, use the thumb to rotate the button for 1-2 minutes, and the bilateral symmetry can be carried out simultaneously. The intensity should be slightly larger.Strong stimulation, massage this acupuncture point can relieve pain and pass stool.

The Houcheng Mountain is located in the calf, and when the straight leg and the heel are lifted up, there is a depression in the lower abdomen of the gastrocnemius muscle.

Massage this degree requires about 50-100 times from bottom to top. This point can hold down the sweat and pass the meridian.

When pushing the abdomen, use your fingertips to turn around in the clockwise direction of the abdomen until you feel the abdomen is hot and soften.

Usually one massage a day, 5 days for a course of treatment, constipation acute massage 1-2 times can be effective.

銆€銆€Dr. Wang Lili reminded that to prevent constipation in children, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular bowel movements in children.

In the diet, we must change the single structure of the diet, not partial eclipse, eat more crude fiber food, try to stay away from high-protein foods.

Dr. Wang Lili specially reminded that some children with constipation are accompanied by rectal or anal fissure. At this time, they must go to the hospital for review, and must not be treated at home.