4 Frequently Asked Problems


4 Frequently Asked Problems

1. What should I do if my child is crying when entering the park?

Most children cry in the early days of entering the park. They do n’t know what to do if they do n’t cry. They are even seriously worried by their emotions.

Children cannot be asked “Don’t cry!

“” Be happy in kindergarten!

“It’s too difficult for children!

You can tell your child: “Baby goes to kindergarten, mother goes to work.

“” Whatever you need to talk to the teacher at any time.

“” Mom will pick you up at night.

“The farewell ceremony should be temporary, and the parents’ attitude should be calm.

Put the child in the teacher’s hands with trust, and make the child feel that the teacher is also someone he can rely on.

2. What should I do if my child goes to a kindergarten and suddenly doesn’t want to go?

This kind of situation often happens two or three months after entering a kindergarten. It seems that the child has basically adapted to the kindergarten life. The parents just breathed a sigh of relief, and the child suddenly announced on some morning: “I don’t want to go to kindergarten!

“The child should be asked first:” What happened in the kindergarten? ”

And “Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Because the child may encounter a problem that cannot be solved in the kindergarten, so there is resistance. This requires parents and teachers to communicate in time to help the child through the difficulties.

At the same time, the child may be unwell and unable to express clearly, so use “I do not go to kindergarten” to indicate his irritability.

Excluding the above two specific problems, if it is entirely because of the child’s emotional change, the child can rest at home for a day.

But don’t arrange special exciting activities, and still spend the day at the kindergarten schedule.

He told him that night: “Must be in kindergarten tomorrow.

“The next day I entered the park to treat it.

This repetition of the child is normal, affirming his feelings, but insisting on principles.

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