Oatmeal breakfast healthy weight loss does not rebound


Oatmeal breakfast healthy weight loss does not rebound

Nutrition expert Professor Chen said that oat, as an ancient food crop, grows in high-altitude regions at an altitude of 1000-2700 meters, and has the characteristics of high protein and low molecular weight. At the same time, oats can dissolve fibers and insoluble fibers and can absorb a large amount of the human bodyThe blood plasma is excreted outside the body, which is in line with the modern concept of “eating without getting tired”.

And oat contains high-viscosity soluble fiber, which can delay gastric emptying, increase satiety, and control appetite.

A diet containing oats helps to control long-term energy transfer and the effect of slow digestion on blood sugar.

Oat fiber reduces obesity, of course, it can reduce weight.

Many fashionable people today have added oats to their daily recipes, both to supplement nutrition and control appetite. Why not?

  But now the oatmeal market is a bit “chaotic”, with many concepts of oatmeal dazzling.

Professor Chen said that when consumers choose high-quality oats, they must first look at their raw materials, such as Quaker’s oatmeal series products, which replace pure high-quality oats and are directly pressed after ripening to maintain the nutritional content of oats to the greatest extent.
The combination of oats and fruits is both nutritious and delicious, and has become one of the first choices for breakfast in many countries and regions.

  Many Chinese are accustomed to traditional Chinese breakfast today, but traditional Chinese breakfast foods are still based on small amounts and the nutrients are not comprehensive enough; while Western foods are slightly high in energy and easy to gain weight.

City people’s requirements for breakfast are nothing more than filling up their stomachs and supplementing their nutrition. Therefore, Professor Chen recommends that everyone use oatmeal as a breakfast, so that they can eat more and eat better.

  What is a healthy diet with oatmeal?

Professor Chen replied that according to the concept of healthy eating, a reasonable diet should be based on cereals, supplemented by vegetables, and low in carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol, lowering serum insulin and improving large intestine function.

Therefore, dietary fiber is sufficient for prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, obesity, constipation and other diseases.

Foods rich in fiber include plant foods such as cereals, potatoes, beans, vegetables and fruits.

Cereals are high in dietary fiber, especially oats are rich in soluble fiber.

Oat rich in soluble fiber, as a low-fat and low-cholesterol food, can help reduce plasma in the body and prevent the threat of cardiovascular disease.

  Recently, some interesting life researches have found that with overweight patients who eat 15g of high-capacity food index and 5g of oat bran daily, their weight is significantly reduced and their obesity is not obvious.

Other studies have also confirmed that 8 g oatmeal cookies can be taken daily, and overweight women can lose weight significantly and feel fatigued.

  In fact, reasonable dietary habits are that we must reasonably match food and beverage. Choosing oatmeal products is indeed an attempt to seek both fullness and nutrition, but some people have to exercise their body while eating oats, so that everyone with a healthy and energetic body will notDreams again.