Chinese Medicine Legend Story Series (8) Atractylodes



Chinese Medicine Legend Story Series (8) Atractylodes

鈼?Legendary story – Atractylodes sinensis had a bachelor’s degree in the past. This is the honorary name of Xu Shuwei, a great medical scientist who was a good doctor in the Song Dynasty.

According to legend, the uncles of youth were extremely hardworking and went to bed until they went to bed late every night.

Xu Xueshi has a habit of drinking before going to bed. It is probably taking the folk songs “a bit of wine before going to bed, can live ninety-nine” to use wine to maintain health!

A few years later, he felt squeaky in his stomach, pain under the threat, and reduced diet. Every ten days and a half, he would throw out some bitter and sour gastric juice.

Every summer, his left body does not sweat, only the right half is sweating.

In the end, what kind of strange disease Xu Shuwei surrounded and pondered and sought treatment.

Who knows that the famous doctor is not effective, he is very distressed.

Therefore, Xu Xueshi canceled the creed of “medical non-self-government” and began to save himself.

He conducted a careful analysis of his condition and thought that his illness was mainly caused by “wet stomach”.

Therefore, in accordance with his consistent academic thought of “medication in the fine”, he replaced the atractylodes sinensis as the main medicine, using 1 kg of Atractylodes powder, 15 jujubes, and raw sesame oil in half a blend to make pellets, insisting on taking 50 capsules a day.

Gradually increase the dose later, take 100 per day?
200 capsules.

After taking the medicine for several months, his strange disease gradually decreased until he recovered.

Why does Atractylodes sinensis have such an effect? For Xu Shuwei’s strange disease, there is such a peculiar therapeutic effect. Originally, Xu Shuweisu was addicted to drinking, which hurt the spleen and stomach. If the spleen is not transported, the water will not be wet, and the spleen and stomach will be in the same place.Wetness hinders the stomach, which leads to the sound of snoring in the stomach and the absence of sweat in the left half of the body in the summer and sweating and vomiting of gastric juice in the right half.

The spleen belongs to the soil, and the soil is warm and fragrant.

Atractylodes odor is aromatic, spicy, warm and bitter, and belongs to the spleen and stomach.

The medicines are in agreement and the smell is similar.

Atractylodes is a fragrant product, good to wake up the spleen and wet, wet evil is the yin of the yin, the temperature is warm.

Xu Shuwei’s syndrome differentiation is accurate, and the drug selection is fine.

What I also need to know is that Xu insists on long-term medication, and he has been working hard to increase the amount of medication.

He is well aware that the wet and evil is sticky and stagnant, and it is not easy to go.

Only by adhering to long-term medication and gradually increasing the dose can increase the accumulation of potency in the body and eventually overcome the dampness.