What should I pay attention to in herpes zoster?



What should I pay attention to in herpes zoster?

What should I pay attention to in herpes zoster?

Once we have the disease of herpes zoster in our life, it will have a great impact on our lives and work. So, how can we prevent this disease from happening?

What are the precautions for preventing herpes zoster?

This is also a topic that many people are very concerned about, so let’s take a look at the following about the prevention of herpes zoster.

What should I pay attention to in herpes zoster? 1. Patients with herpes zoster should not be overly nervous during the treatment.

Some patients may have symptoms of bullae, blood blister, and even erosion on the skin, but please do not be excessively nervous. If the treatment is effective for about 10 days, it will heal, and there will be no recurrence after the cure.

2, in the process of treatment, but also pay attention to rest, give a digestible diet and excess water.

3, in the diet, it is forbidden to eat greasy food, seafood and eggs, poultry also try not to eat, eat light food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

4, in daily health care, we must pay attention to the prevention of secondary bacterial infections.

Do not rub the affected area hard to avoid blistering.

It can be applied externally with Chinese herbal medicine or Levnoer wet compress, pre-blister dry and crusted.

Precautions for the prevention of herpes zoster 1 Enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance.

Older people should adhere to appropriate outdoor activities or participate in sports to enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s ability to diagnose diseases.

2 prevent infection.

Infection is one of the causes of this disease.

Older patients should prevent infections of various diseases, especially in the autumn season, alternating cold and warm, and increase or decrease clothes in time to avoid upper respiratory tract infection caused by cold.

In addition, oral and nasal inflammation should be actively treated.

3 to prevent trauma.

Trauma can easily reduce the body’s disease resistance, which can easily lead to the occurrence of this disease.

Therefore, elderly patients should pay attention to avoid trauma.

4 Avoid contact with toxic substances.

Avoid contact with chemicals and toxic drugs to prevent skin damage, affect your health and reduce your body’s resistance.

5 improve nutrition.

Older people should pay attention to the nutrition of the diet, eat more soy products, fish, eggs, lean meat and other protein-rich treasures and fresh melons and vegetables, so that the body is strong, prevent the occurrence of various diseases directly or indirectly related to the disease.

Through the relevant introduction, we learned that proper participation in physical exercise can prevent the occurrence of the disease and avoid the occurrence of infection and trauma.