There is Liuqiu before, and Bailu after that, I am where the heat, I am coming.



There is “Liuqiu” before, and “Bailu” after that, I am “where the heat”, I am coming.

I remember that the Southern Song poet Su Shi once wrote such a verse: “There is no three days in the summer, and the new cool is straight.”

Whiteheads are more of a world, and the grass is imprinted with Zen.

Let the crane dance and listen to it.

Knowing the benevolence of the benevolent, it may not be deep in the sea.

“It means that the hot summer sun will pass, and the autumn will be on the scene.”

As the summer heat gradually subsides, the temperature gradually decreases, and the hot weather gradually transitions to the cold winter.

Since then, the temperature difference between the morning and the evening is large, and the health care should be put on the agenda. Do not violate the laws of nature and stay upside down, otherwise the body’s immunity will decline, leading to a disease.

In the folk, there is also a saying that “there is no heat in the summer, and it is hot at noon.”

“That is to tell us that the summer season is also a little hot at noon, and sooner or later it will be very cool. Today is August 23, which belongs to the summer heat in the 24 solar terms, which means that the hot summer sun will pass this year.

In the north, the winds of the golden winds will not come, and the 鈥渆ighteen days of fire鈥?in the south will cool down after the duration.

In the “Seventy-two Sets of the Monthly Order”, I explained this to the summer. “Where, go, the summer heat is here.”

“”” means hiding and terminating; “Summer” means summer heat, as the name suggests, the summer is the three-volt summer day and finally has to withdraw from the historical stage.

From the summer day, the weather will be cooler, but the real autumn cool has not yet arrived.

Although the temperature dropped too much in the morning and evening, the temperature during the day is still very high, and the temperature difference between 24 hours and 24 hours is still quite large, and the hot summer days will never return.

After that, most of the area will be transformed into a solar term, and the temperature will also be attenuated. The hot situation will gradually be replaced by cold weather.

Due to the vast size of the area and the large geographical span, the summer and summer solar conditions in the north and the south show great differences.

In the north, from the beginning of the summer season, the temperature will gradually decline; in the south, due to the influence of the subtropical high, even if the south has been withdrawn, there are only replacements.

Affected by it, “Autumn Tiger” will also be launched.

The heat is different from the heat and the heat, and it is different from Xiaohan and Dahan.

People often say “a cold autumn rain”, “10 summer rain to wear cotton.

After the summer, after the arrival of the autumn rain, people will unconsciously realize that the chill is coming, and the feeling of “chilling and cutting” will come to life.

Since the summer is coming, the autumn cool begins, which means that the yang is gradually decreasing, the yin is increasing, and the human yang will also converge accordingly.

In the cool weather, people tend to be lazy and tired. In the morning, they always want to stay in bed for a long time. They don’t like more activities during the day. Perhaps this is the so-called “autumn sleepy autumn” in the “autumn lack”.

In order to maintain a strong vitality, it is indispensable to have enough sleep. In the past, the habit of sleeping in the summer has changed. Try to rest before 10 o’clock in the evening. It is better to know that it is better than sleeping for one hour in summer.

To ensure that you go to bed early and get up early, take a proper lunch break after lunch, which helps to alleviate the “autumn lack”.

When the autumn arrives, the temperature is inevitably dry. At this time, the nourishing and moistening food can be said to be a nourishing good, and it can protect the body part.

In view of this, it is necessary to reduce the spicy barbecue foods rich in peppers and peppers, and replace them with light diets, tomatoes like vitamins; eat more alkaline foods such as kelp, and moderately take foods containing protein, such as milk., beans, etc.; to drink less, eat less greasy meat, drink plenty of water to replenish water, which is good for the lungs and respiratory tract moist.

Half a month ago, “Liuqiu” arrived, and then half a month “Bailu” is coming. I am “staying at the heat”. Now I am coming, please ask my friends to pay more attention to it.