Chest exercise allows you to easily reach hips


Chest exercise allows you to easily reach hips

If you sit for a long time and exercise, your hip muscles will relax.

If you want to strengthen the buttocks muscles, you can do the following chest exercise every day, 3 minutes a day, only 3 weeks can have a significant effect.

If you don’t know how to raise your hips, practice with Xiaobian!

  Method 1: Squat your feet apart, about a foot wide.

With your hands on your thighs, your hips slowly descended, as if sitting on a chair.

Hold this position for about 10 seconds, then slowly return to its original shape and repeat 5 times.

  Method 2: Raise your forearms on your knees and aim at the ground.

Extend your calf straight back to the ground, at 90 degrees to your thigh, and close your legs and hips.

Raise the two legs, straighten parallel to the ground, then bend your knees, lift your calf up with your feet up, straighten your legs down, and return to their original state 15 times.

Change legs again.

Healthy eating method three: The back of the bow leaps and the two feet are separated, and the hands are held apart to show a V shape (legs are straightened).

Raise one leg, close your hips, bend the raised leg, and then straighten it for 10 times.

Then change legs.