Pediatric hoarding home treatment



Pediatric hoarding home treatment

Every mother wants her baby to eat big mouthfuls, grow fast and grow strong.

But some babies will frown when they are eating, and feel that eating these meals really makes them worry.

Mother had to do the best of “spoofing, admonishing, promising”, but the performance is not big, seeing the baby go down every day, compared with the same age baby, the gradual growth indicators are behind, how can you not worry about being a mother?

銆€銆€First, the baby has a “product” such a baby is suffering from the hoarding of Chinese medicine, that is, people often say “product.”

It is a common complication in childhood, and the incidence of children in urban areas is usually high, mainly in babies under the age of 5, especially in the summer when the incidence is high.

However, if the treatment can be taken in time, it will be cured soon; if it is not taken seriously, it will cause anemia and malnutrition, which will affect the normal growth and development of the baby.

銆€銆€Second, what causes the baby’s body to have “product”?

銆€銆€”Production” is due to the baby’s dirty and delicate, the spleen and stomach digestion function is not yet perfect.

Chinese medicine believes that the stomach is accepted, the spleen is transported, and the spleen and stomach can be used to know how to eat, and the food can be turned into a healthy and happy growth.

The main causes of the baby’s body “product” are as follows: 1.

Mother malnutrition during pregnancy, or the baby is a premature baby, congenital gastrointestinal function is insufficient;

The baby is often hungry, and the adults blindly eat nutritious food, snacks, and damage the spleen and stomach;

Infants did not add complementary foods in time, and their digestive function was worse than that of their peers.

銆€銆€Third, the baby has a “product” performance after the baby has “product”, the main performance is to see the meal is not happy, no obesity, but like cold drink; complexion sallow, body is thin, hair sparse, yellow; temper irritability easy to cry, nightIt is not stable enough to sleep, sweating on the forehead or red face, and there is a sour smell in the mouth; zinc, iron, calcium and other trace elements are lacking in the body, and hemoglobin is also low.

銆€銆€Fourth, children’s hoarding home treatment baby has “product”, can be treated by eating spleen, elimination of drugs, but it is difficult for some babies to be suspected of feeding, and the effect is slow.

The traditional Chinese medicine therapy is pinching, which has its own uniqueness in treating the baby.

Pinching, also known as pediatric massage, is one of the external treatments of traditional Chinese medicine. It acts on specific parts of the body surface of children to regulate the physiological functions of the body. The younger the age, the better the curative effect.

銆€銆€The pinching method is easy to operate, convenient and easy to perform, and has quick effect, good curative effect and no toxic side effects.

The method is once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment, you may wish to try.

The operation method is as follows: 1.

The large intestine: the large intestine is located at the lateral edge of the index finger end to the tiger’s mouth.

Mother can use a forefinger to do a linear push massage here, every 200 times, once a day, but also to treat diarrhea.


Pushing the spleen: The spleen hole is located on the thumb thread surface.

Mother can use one index finger to push the massage here, once a day, every 200 times, can treat baby vomiting and bloating.


鎻夋澘闂? The plate door is located at the big fish ridge. The mother can use an index finger to lick it here once a day, 50-100 times each time, to treat the baby’s bloating and loss of appetite.


Push Tianhe Water: Tianhe Water Cave is located in the middle of the forearm palm, from the midpoint of the wrist transverse line to the midpoint of the elbow transverse line. The mother can massage it with an index finger once a day, 100-200 times a day.Treat your baby with irritability and constipation.


Chiropractic 4 times: the middle finger of both hands, the ring finger and the little finger are held in a half-bow shape, the index finger is half-flexed, and the thumb is straightened to the first half of the index finger; then the baby’s skin, thumb and forefinger are moved forward to lift the flesh, from both sides of the tail vertebrae.The hands are alternately pushed forward to the sides of the big vertebrae, which is the chiropractic again.

Repeated 4 times, can treat the baby anorexia, bloating, diarrhea.

銆€銆€Mother notice: 1.

In the above-mentioned therapy, the mother must pay attention to the gentleness of the massage technique, and sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on the skin of the massage place, so that the operation will reduce the reduction and eliminate the discomfort.


If your baby has a local rash or breakage, be sure to stop the massage temporarily.


It is not appropriate to use this method for babies who are suffering from fever.
If you have a poorly mastered mother, you can go to a Chinese medicine hospital for initial treatment.