Pay attention to the mental health of white-collar workers in the city


Pay attention to the mental health of white-collar workers in the city

Lose weight can not be eaten, eat 6 meals a day, nausea and retching from morning to night, these abnormal phenomena seem to be gastrointestinal diseases, but actually psychological ills, collectively referred to as eating disorders.
There are three main types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and neurological vomiting. Many people in modern white-collar workers have caused eating disorders because of bad mood.
銆€銆€Case 1 Xiaofang University was a healthy fat girl when she graduated. After attending work, she looked at her colleagues’ slim posture. Xiaofang felt that she was too fat and ugly, so she decided to lose weight.
From forcing myself to eat less, and later the appetite is getting worse and worse, eating only a few strawberries a day is flustered.
The 63-meter head is only 45 kilograms.
Gradually, she didn’t feel hungry all day, her face was pale, her body was weak, and she fainted in three days.
銆€銆€Case 2 Two cages of fried omelet, a large piece of chocolate, five packs of potato chips, three burgers, these are the nightingales of Amei last night.
“No way, I want to eat if I have troubles.”
“Although I was relaxed when I was eating, but regretted after eating, so she went to the eyes of her throat or took laxatives. At most, Amei ate 4 bottles of fruit guides a day.
On the Internet, Amei participated in a 鈥済luttony forum鈥? and there are many white-collar gluttons like her.
銆€銆€Case 3 Yang Chen has a quirk, she will be involuntarily disgusting and vomiting as soon as she sees a man in his 40s who is bald.
When Yang Chengang took part in the work, a 40-year-old bald-headed department manager succumbed to her, and Yang Chen did not dare to resist. He could only sneer in his heart.
Every time I saw his face or heard his voice, it was disgusting, and there was a feeling of nausea and even vomiting.
However, this reaction is getting stronger and stronger, so that people who are similar to him can not help but feel sick.
銆€銆€Attending physician of Psychology, Tianjin First Central Hospital Ren Liping A mentally healthy person will not develop anorexia nervosa because of weight loss. The self-knowledge is the ultimate cause of anorexia.
The demanding requirements for your body shape reflect the inferiority of the anorexia patients and the excessive denial of their own side.
銆€銆€The opposite of anorexia nervosa is bulimia nervosa.
The relief of stress and the release of emotions are important to everyone. Some people use alcohol to squander, some are shopping spree, some are looking for trouble, and some are dealing with stress through a lot of food.
Indeed, many people can temporarily relieve anxiety and tension after binge eating, but this is just a way to escape stress. If left untreated, binge eating disorder may become a chronic disorder and pose a serious threat to health.
銆€銆€The third manifestation of eating disorders is neurological vomiting.
It is generally caused by a situational disorder when it comes to trouble or a difficult problem.
For example, if you have opinions about parents, bosses, or colleagues, you can’t express them clearly and carry out negative confrontation.
The symptom of neurological vomiting is that when you see a specific person, you will have nausea, nausea, and vomiting.
After a serious situation, the situation will be generalized. Whenever you see a similar person or encounter a similar situation, you will feel vomiting.
銆€銆€Usually, neurological eating disorders are treated with a combination of psychology and drugs.
Helping patients develop good psychological quality is the key to treatment.
Healthy people will use mature defense mechanisms and reasonable coping styles to face stress, through self-regulation to alleviate bad emotions; unhealthy people will adopt immature and negative ways to cope with stress.
Doctors suggest that it is a very effective way to communicate with family members, communicate with friends, and release bad emotions in the conversation.
銆€銆€Self-test of eating disorders Once you find that you have the following symptoms, you are likely to have eating disorders, please go to the hospital’s psychological department for help.
銆€銆€Anorexia nervosa
Significant weight loss, more than 15% less than normal average weight loss.

Deliberately causing weight loss, such as self-induced vomiting, and self-induced bowel movements.

Excessive exercise, taking anorexia or diuretics.

Often pathologically afraid of fat, give yourself a low weight limit, far below the doctor’s moderate weight.
銆€銆€5.I feel that my stomach is unbearable and I have no appetite.

More than at least three months have occurred.

銆€銆€Neurogenic bulimia 1.

There is an uncontrollable desire to eat and craving food.

銆€銆€2.Self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives, intermittent fasting to correct the fatening effect of food.

銆€銆€3.Pathological fear of fat.

銆€銆€4.Sudden gluttony, at least twice a day for three months.