The 5 most smirking people


The 5 most smirking people

The smile of the specimen in the eyes of modern people is a professional smile with slightly opened lips and eight white teeth.

In fact, “laugh” was not such a social communication tool for human beings at first, but a special natural health product.

The United States “Psychology Today” magazine combined with a number of scientific studies pointed out that watching comedies and listening to jokes is the most natural and comfortable “smirk”, which is of great benefit to the health of the following five types of people.

  cancer patient.

Normal humans produce a certain amount of peptides every day. Fortunately, the “natural killer cells” in our bodies are the natural enemies of the chip. These immune killers can destroy tumor cells.

Studies have shown that sincere laughter can at least 14 genes be better expressed, thereby regulating the activity of natural killer cells.

Therefore, for cancer patients, laughter is really a good medicine that is neither costly nor expensive. Of course, it is also very good for ordinary people to prevent cancer.

  Patients with cardiovascular disease.

“Laughter dilates blood vessels, which increases the supply of visceral blood flow.

“American psychologist Steve who provides” laughing rehabilitation training “to all hospitals?

Wilson said that this effect is similar to aerobic exercise, which helps prevent crime and is also very beneficial for the rehabilitation of most people with heart disease.

  Lactating women.

For the healthy growth of the baby, mothers who are breastfeeding must have a reason to laugh.

Some studies have pointed out that after watching a comedy movie, the level of melatonin in mother’s milk will be increased, and allergic reactions will be greatly reduced when babies with skin allergies drink this milk.

  People with diabetes.

Got diabetes frowning?

Be careful not to miss the chance to recover.

Through a variety of scientific research, scientists have found that patients with diabetes should really smile after a meal, because the changes in muscle movement and neuroendocrine levels caused by laughter can prevent blood sugar levels from rising!

  People of poor constitution.

Surprisingly, people’s expectations of laughter will also have a miraculous effect before the smile blooms.

Before the comedy began, researchers withdrew blood samples from the audience and found that their endorphin content had increased by 27% and growth hormone levels had increased by 87%.

Endorphins help to enhance the function of the immune system. Growth hormone is good for muscles, bones and internal organs. This fitness effect can be regarded as “without effort”.